Are you tired of DIY bookkeeping?

We get it. We can help.

Get the insights into your business you’ve always wanted.

You know that feeling you get when you go to a jobsite and the homeowner…

…has DIYed their electrical panel?
…let their father-in-law paint their living room?
…went on YouTube and believed they could fix their now-leaking toilet?

Makes you cringe, right?

As a tradesman, you have years of hands-on experience and you know how to do these jobs right the first time, and now you have to fix their mess.

You probably shudder to think about how much time and money they could have saved if they had just called you in the first place, right??!

That’s how we feel when we hear that you are DIYing your bookkeeping!

You’ll save time and money when you hire an experienced and qualified bookkeeper.

Bookkeeping you can rely upon

Whatever your software (even if it’s Excel!) you need to have a system for categorizing expenses … not only so you can see what’s actually happening — but so you can capture all of the tax savings now available to business owners (if only they knew about them).

Payroll: Handled without pain

Discover the peace of mind that is possible in knowing your payrolls are done RIGHT (and a team in your corner if your software ever blows it).

The right advice, at the right time

It doesn’t help to have your accountant tell you that you are running in the red — after you’ve buried yourself in debt. Or that a particular product/service category is booming — after you’ve finished your sales cycle. Let us point you where you need to go.

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Good Words from Our Clients

Cody, DiNatale Painting

I came to the table for a Profit and Loss statement, and got way more help then anticipated, made my life 1110% easier. Thanks to Brock and his network I finally have an accountant I can trust that takes the hassle out of taxes for me. Appreciate the help and look forward to working with B. Balanced Services for the future!

Angie, Ginger Birch

Erika is the most kind and reassuring woman. I am so relived to have her in my court. She is incredibly knowledgeable and takes all the shame away.

Keni, KC's Creations, LLC

Erika is very knowledgeable, friendly, outgoing, and is a great teacher and resource regarding small business finances, tax information for small business, how to navigate and maximize Quickbook programs. She is very responsive to questions and frequently anticipates needs I didn't even know I had as a small business owner. She and her business have been an invaluable asset as I start my entrepreneurial adventure!

Andrea, Northeast Wisconsin Insurance Center

If you have any clients that need help with accounting, payroll, or other administrative functions, feel free to share one of our client’s information: Erika is one of the most organized and detailed people I know! I would highly recommend her!

Strategic Business Coaching

More Than Just a Tax Return Service…
We Will “Take You By The Hand” in Every Aspect of Your Business.

Let us help you!