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I want to help you succeed by providing accurate financial assistance and information

B. Balanced Services provides cloud based and remote bookkeeping services for small to medium size businesses. I have the knowledge and expertise to help you grow your business. This comes from the love and use of technology to streamline the process, so it integrates perfectly together, saving clients time and money!

I want to be your trusted advisor.  I want to help you keep more of what you earn.

I take the time to listen in a completely judgment-free zone, because I want to understand your needs, goals, and and dreams not only for your small business, but for your personal life as well.

I want to get to know you!

My Knowledge & Experience
= Your Business Growth & Success

Meet the B. Balanced Services Team

Erika Balza

Erika Balza

Owner, Bookkeeper, Payroll & People Advisory Services

I am driven, self-motivated, meticulous, detail oriented, and my passion is numbers and bookkeeping!

I approach my work with one simple thought: Treat others as you would want to be treated.

As a business owner myself, I understand how important it is to have things run as smoothly as possible. That’s why I’m here for you.

I have used Quicken for my personal finances since 1994.

I have used QuickBooks Desktop for various small business accounting since 2002.

It is my intent to continue learning and expanding my knowledge to help you, my client.

I work from home so I don’t have the overhead other bookkeepers and accounting firms have. This means you can get expert value at a reasonable cost for your small business!

Sammie Guillette

Sammie Guillette

Part-time Bookkeeper, Payroll & People Advisory Services

Sammie has previous bookkeeping experience and continues to learn about people advisory services through Gusto. She is also learning more about accounting through NWTC. As you probably guessed, she is also related – Sammie is Kelly’s daughter-in-law and lives in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Let Us Help!

Dear Friend,

It’s one thing to manage a business, it’s quite another to grow it.

If you’re reading this, you know what I’m talking about.

It seems like the books are being handled properly. It seems like payroll is (mostly?) under control. It seems like the IRS is okay with how we’re handling our taxes. It seems like the financial reporting is in place.

We’re flush … most of the time. But we’re certainly not growing. We’re not prospering.

What are we missing?

This is a common story that we hear when we first start talking to business owners. The boxes are checked, the people are in place … but the fact is, they’re not quite sure how to optimize the financials for performance and growth.

Our specialty is in reading between the lines of the systems, the softwares, and the financial statements to see the true financial story being told … even when the reports all “seem” okay (for now).

The fact is that the Federal Government would love to have more of your business’ hard-earned money in their accounts. Your employees probably don’t care about cost control as much as they should. Your sales team might need to focus their efforts in a new direction.

But you don’t have to hand more dollars over to the government than they require, just because you don’t know their rules as well as they do. You don’t have to live in a constant state of anxiety over the state of your books. The future of your business doesn’t have to be a question mark.

Let’s get a real-time reading on your business’s financial health. Answer a few questions below to get started.

Click the button above to take your first step, and we’ll be in touch soon to follow up about your specific needs.

And of course, feel free to poke around our site and discover why we’ve been called “The Most Trusted Bookkeeper in the Northeast Wisconsin Area.”

Talk again soon,
Erika Balza

PPS — Already want to come in? I don’t blame you … many people are fed up with trying to manage their books and financials on their own. Let’s talk about your books! Complete our Google Form to get started or call us at 920-621-7150. We will NOT make dealing with a business advisor as painful as dealing with your books has already been!

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Good Words from Our Clients

Cody, DiNatale Painting

I came to the table for a Profit and Loss statement, and got way more help then anticipated, made my life 1110% easier. Thanks to Brock and his network I finally have an accountant I can trust that takes the hassle out of taxes for me. Appreciate the help and look forward to working with B. Balanced Services for the future!

Angie, Ginger Birch

Erika is the most kind and reassuring woman. I am so relived to have her in my court. She is incredibly knowledgeable and takes all the shame away.

Keni, KC's Creations, LLC

Erika is very knowledgeable, friendly, outgoing, and is a great teacher and resource regarding small business finances, tax information for small business, how to navigate and maximize Quickbook programs. She is very responsive to questions and frequently anticipates needs I didn't even know I had as a small business owner. She and her business have been an invaluable asset as I start my entrepreneurial adventure!

Andrea, Northeast Wisconsin Insurance Center

If you have any clients that need help with accounting, payroll, or other administrative functions, feel free to share one of our client’s information: www.sarahs133.sg-host.com. Erika is one of the most organized and detailed people I know! I would highly recommend her!


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