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The lightning-speed evolution of technology now makes it possible for you to go far beyond ordering a pizza online or instant buying some new gadget on Amazon. Now you can arrange a home mortgage, obtain a car loan, or even draft a will with a few clicks and an e-signature. But the legal aspect of these kinds of transactions still requires face-to-face interaction, aka the endorsement of a public notary.

Yep, you still need to see a certified notary in-person who’ll put the stamp of approval on your legal documents, assuring the powers-that-be that everything’s been done up to snuff (and that you’re signing things… you know, voluntarily).

We can do that for you. Whether you’re refinancing your home, taking out a car loan, or participating in any number of legal processes that require legitimization of paperwork, we have an in-house, licensed public notary that can help you. And we’re someone you can trust to get it right.

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